December 19 – Zihuatanejo

Hola a todos,

We are nicely ensconced here and I am happy to announce that we finally have visitors to the hummingbird (colibri) feeder we bought in San Miguel at Camino Silvestre. Now I have to sit and wait for a shot and hopefully am able to ID said bird.

We had a plumbing job. Who would have thought? The “kitchen” sink faucet sprang a leak. It took a couple days to find a plumbing store then one that had a faucet that would work. In order to do the job, Dale had to remove 3 drawers (the space was tight). The faucet is installed and working perfectly but now we have a drawer needing repair. There must be a proverb covering such mishaps. What about “Two steps forward, one step back” – if that is, indeed, the expression.

Anyway so it goes……



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December 18 – Zihuatanejo

We arrived here right on schedule on December 15. Deiter and Anna from BC, another seasonal visiting couple, arrived about an hour after us. Seemed funny. There are other familiar faces, some missing, some new. Krista and Siegfried from BC are due today or tomorrow.

Both Juan and Martin (waiters at the restaurant) are expecting babies. Actually, Martin’s has arrived – another girl. Now he has 2 daughters – Esmerelda (Emerald) and now, Rubí (Ruby):  The Family Jewels.  Juan’s son (they know it’s a boy) is due any minute, so we are all waiting impatiently. He wasn’t at work yesterday and we thought …………….. but Memo from the Restaurant said Juan took his wife to the hospital for medical reasons – so we don’t know what to think.

The hurricane that came through here has left its mark. The lagoon beside the restaurant is now a permanent river that empties into the ocean. And there is now a fence across the lagoon – to deter (I am sure prevent is too optimistic) the crocs from hanging out on the beach.

Bird life seems as prolific as in the past. The menu at El Manglar still features my favourite offerings and is as delicious as ever. Frozen Margaritas are still wonderful. Some buses have been replaced with rather new looking vans. One wonders how some of the old buses continue to run…but they do. Why buy new what you can repair? – an admirable trait. One of the many many charms of Mexico.

Robin is coming in January – just to Mexico City (DF) and it was suggested that we meet up for a couple of days. So we have the same hotel booked now and we are looking into bus schedules from Z. –  A fun adventure. – I am browsing the Lonely Planet trying to see what one can see/do in 1-2 days. We will have to do some serious prioritizing. Diego Rivera murals are a must as is the Archeology Museum. Other than a stroll around the Zocalo, that probably will be it – for this time. We know we NEVER would attempt driving there so a bus up and a short hotel stay is great – actually the only way.  We can leave the RV here and go – perfect.

Hasta luego – Barb

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December 12 – Troncones

Today was a very good day. Last night at 10:30 we went out with Roberto of Roberto’s Bistro on one of those 4 wheelers to look for Turtle Nests. The telltale signs would be the tracks of the mother. We found one and made note. They do a number of rounds through the night as this is when the adult females come to shore to lay eggs in the sand and then go back to the ocean.

According to Carlos, a waiter at the bistro, they found 5 nests over the whole night and collected around 50 eggs/nest. These were removed and taken to the sanctuary where they hatch in ~45 days and are released the day they hatch.

Hundreds of turtles (Gulfina) were released again tonight at sunset. We are going out again on Saturday morning for the 5:00 am round. No veo la hora.


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December 11, 2013 – Troncones

Troncones is nice. It is not Zihuat, but one can’t compare. It is quiet – verrrrrrrry quiet but that’s the charm. And, the turtle raise and release program is a gem. We went down again for the last night’s release to watch the hundreds of little guys head for the surf. I mean to ask why they release at sunset. Do the turtles head for the light or the water? In the wild, do they usually hatch at sunset? Are we giving them an edge against predators? As the tub was tilted and the baby turtles started to scramble out, I thought of the expression “And they’re off – like a herd of turtles”. In this case – literally.

There is a nice restaurant on the beach just by the hatchery and across form the RV Park – Robertos’s Bistro. A bit pricey but the food is good and he makes excellent frozen Margaritas. The fajitas camaron are to die for. And the tortillas, which can be a bit blah, are so good, to hell with forks and knives, the tortillas were all I wanted to lap up all the savory bits on the plate. Memorable.

All for now ———- later


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December 9 – A Good Find

I am sitting in a lovely restaurant across from Troncones RV Park, just a few miles up the coast from Z. We don’t have Wifi in the park but are free to sit on the patio (the whole restaurant is a patio) and use their wifi. Hot, breezy, waves rolling in. Last night we celebrated our return to the Pacific with one to many Margaritas, salad and fajitas and at 6:00 they held a turtle release on the beach. We watched, coaxed and ensured that hundreds of little turtles made it into the surf. One can only guess at their prospects for longevity – the odds are stacked against them – but at least their first baby steps were ensured. It’s the least we can do. The hatchery is a very interesting installation right here on the beach. Eggs are safely buried in clusters, all dated for hatching time – the next batch due to emerge tomorrow night and the trek to the surf continues. I was reminded of the Salmon Enhancement program of the 1980s in BC.

This spot is very low key, quiet, peaceful, and gorgeous. Yes – HOT and very humid (these are the tropics) – but with AC this year, at least there are options. We had heard about the area but knew nothing of any facilities. A little research revealed this little park – just 5 spots but very sweet. A good find.

All for now. I will be better prepared tomorrow night to cover the release – ie, I will take the camera. 🙂

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December 5

Hi to all,

I have just read that Nelson Mandela died – the passing of an icon. Perhaps I will remember because yesterday was our anniversary – yes 40 years of marital bliss – or something like that. We celebrated here by taking the boat across Lake Patzcuaro to Isla Janitzio – the island with the ~100 foot statue of Morelos – a key figure in the War of Independence. There is a large open book in front of the statue on which is a text regarding human rights and the rights of nations to exist free from interference by other forces – colonial or otherwise is written. Read more here  Listen To Janitzio written by Mexican composer  Silvestre Revueltas

The lake is terribly overgrown with a type of water lily. In fact, I was surprised that boats could navigate through the mass of foliage and into open water. It seemed to be a job to rake it in along the shore and pile it into a snaking mounds that would eventually decompose and transform into useful compost but this seemed like an insurmountable task. We also saw boats equipped with a sort of mower – maybe capable of performing the task of 10+ workers.

We landed on the island and then proceeded to walk up the winding stairs to the summit of the island where the statue of Jose Maria Morelos stands. This is the same hero after whom Puerto Morelos is named. The stairs/trail is lined with shops and restaurants – as you would expect- and we settled on lunch under the shadow of Morelos. I have read that this area has a climate referred to as perpetual spring. It certainly felt like that yesterday – sunny warm with a cool breeze – absolute heaven.

We returned to Patz and we bought a tea set designed by Javier Servin – very unique and beautiful. It will be a nice reminder of this milestone. We had coffee at the Browncita – our favourite café on the Plaza Vasco de Quiroga. We came home and made tea. Great day.

I post a smattering of shots taken yesterday around and on the Isla.

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December 2

We left San Miguel yesterday and arrived without incident in Patzcuaro in Michoacán. And – I can say that we drove directly here without getting lost in Morelia. A first and a relief, for sure. This is the last stop before the coast and the beach. Villa Patzcuaro is the closest we come to camping – maybe along with Jose’s in Puerto Arista – but we aren’t going that far south this year.

I spent some time checking out all the flowers the owner has on her property. There are many. I successfully have identified them………… I think.

I also want to mention the ornate windows I noticed in the walls of the motel that is on the property. The building is made of adobe bricks, stucco and painted. These decorative windows look like a hole was left in the wall, then a decorative concrete insert was placed from the outside and cemented in the hole. There is screen on the back of the insert and it looks like a wooden shutter is built on the inside of the window in the room. They really are gorgeous. I include three examples. Genius really and a great idea for the cottage up north – if a suitable variation could be created.

I will explore further tomorrow.

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