Monday January 6 2014

My how the time flies!  Another year – another whateverrrrrrrrrrrr. Things are certainly much quieter here as the bulk of tourists have gone. Children back at school etc. Business seemed to boom for the beach vendors, restaurants, hotels, and tour buses – to be sure, a fair chunk of revenue for everyone.

There is a couple camping here at El Manglar in a Westphalia much like our Vana – no I am not nostalgic AT ALL. We had a good run with it and that’s that.

Another sunset last night – hard to miss them here.  A family playing in the surf leant the scene a cheerful touch. Simple things can turn a landscape into a story – part of what I like about photography.

The wildlife here continues to inspire. The iguanas are huge and very colourful.

Lista, Barb

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December 30 – Zihuatanejo

Tomorrow would be my mother’s 87 birthday. Happy birthday mom. Things are quiet here – fewer tour buses etc. I guess everyone has to go back to work/school like everywhere.

We were in the grocery store here and it was exactly like home before a big holiday. Long line ups with grocery carts loaded for a major catastrophe.

This morning at breakfast – outside under our very nice awning, I saw a flash of brown/grey fly by my ear and go “plop” on the back of the chair beside me.

It  sat perfectly still for quite a while giving me ample time to set up and practice macro shots. A sweet little frog. He had little suctions on his tiny feet which makes me think of a tree frog. There is a grey tree frog but this is somewhat out of its range so maybe not.

It was a pleasant surprise nonetheless. We are going to El Manglar for dinner tomorrow night ( New Year’s Eve).  Looking forward.



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December 28 – Zihuatanejo

The beach was very busy yesterday – a total change. There were lots of out of town tour buses with many families coming to enjoy a day at the beach. Food and fun galore.

As I write – the smoke detector keeps going off – what an annoying gismo! I can’t smell smoke and we both have surveyed the environs and can’t find any reason. Who knows?

I shall post some pics from yesterday showing the range of beach activities.

Also – I mentioned that our hummingbird feeder finally has visitors. A nice contact on Flickr has helped to identify the little creature – so thanks to Jo. I’m still not 100% sure yet. If only the male of the species would visit – that would seal the deal. So for now we are going with the female Black Chinned Hummingbird – until we can “catch” the male.



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December 25 – Zihuatanejo

 Is there anything harder than talking to your kids who are far away and then having to hang up? No, there isn’t. Actually we all know there is far worse. But at least we talk. IT pro Ralph perservered in getting us all together via Skype. Everyone is fine and doing something, going somewhere today. Us? We are heading for the beach to open my new umbrella and Dale to float on his new boogie board. The ocean is very flat today – lovely but flat so there won’t be much boogying. (Is that a word?) 

We went for an early walk on the beach, then breakfast upstairs at Rossy’s, then  a very large crocodile visited in the restaurant area of our RV park – causing considerable drama. Weather is hot and humid – like every other day here. 

The beach was crazy busy today.  I’ve never seen it buzzing with life like this. Very nice. Apparently we will again have it to ourselves tomorrow. There’s no rush. 

It’s Veggie Chile with guacamole, media crema, tostados, and beer for dinner.




Barb and Dale

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December 23 – The Ants Go Marching

Even here in the hot and humid, a Christmas decoration is essential.

Even here in the hot and humid, a Christmas decoration is essential.

This is a true story – Yesterday, I needed to get a bag of spices out of an overhead cupboard. To do so, I just had to take out a plastic bin that contained all that sort of stuff. Well, there was a large bag of dry chick peas laying on top. The bag went flying and the floor of the van was literally covered with chickpeas. I remained calm while Dale said very bad things outside. There are 2 small rugs in the van, which I rolled up and took outside after which I swept up all the chick peas I could find and tossed them in the garbage.

Thinking biodegradable/organic I decided just to flick the rugs and let the chick peas fly on the grass, also thinking the morning birds would eat them up. It was late afternoon.

I went out after dark and happened to look in the direction of the scattered chick peas. You could hardly see them for ants. Zillions of ants. Chick peas were moving along the ground – a single chick pea is much much MUCH bigger than an ant. I could see some ants just munching away at the stone hard chick peas. There is quite heavy dew here and I wondered what overnight magic that would work.

In the morning I went out and, I swear on my mother’s grave, there was not a hint of chick peas anywhere to be seen. Dale said he heard some birds on the ground – surely they would have enjoyed something. Could those ants have carried away/eaten all those chick peas?

I was planning to borrow a rake in the morning to rake the chick peas off to the edge of the park or just rake them up and toss them. Totally unnecessary. The ants took care of everything. The marvels of nature here in the tropics.


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December 22

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year


Sarcasm. Because beating the hell out of people is illegal. :c('s photo.

Thank you Eileen. 🙂

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December 21 – Zihuatanejo – Learning the Hard Way

I fell flat on my face walking to the bus. Luckily, I avoided my face/teeth but my left hand took a beating. Nothing broken. Just really bruised and sore. I feel like someone beat me up. Oh well – totally my own fault. I broke the cardinal rule for walking in Mexico. NEVER LOOK UP WHEN YOU ARE WALKING. IF YOU MUST – STOP- LOOK- LOOK DOWN- RESUME WALKING. Yes – I looked up while walking and SPLAT! When I think of it, getting up was the tough part. If Dale hadn’t been with me, I would still be lying there. Okay – you can stop laughing now!!!!


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