February 27 – Winding Down

I DON’T WANT TO LEAVE. Childish, for sure, but that’s just the way it is. It has been a wonderful trip – the best yet, what with the side trip to DF to see Robin and Christian and the visit from Bobby and Alfred, Jeff and Julie arrive on Saturday here in Z and are staying at the Intrawest – very posh. The GuitarFest starts on Sunday with Robin’s guitar teacher, Maneli Jamal, from Toronto in attendance. We finally procured tickets to the big opening concert featuring all the artists and the gala dinner with Maneli at Coconuts. J and J will be here for both. The champagne is chilling ………….. again for Mimosas made with fresh squeezed oranges – what else?

And then there was the Great Backyard Bird Count “sponsored” by the Cornell Ornithology Lab. The lagoon here qualified as my backyard, albeit temporary, and so I was able to participate. Sooooo scientific.  🙂 And best of all, I learned to fly a kite. Rick Massey from Kelowna, our resident kite maestro, was kind and patient enough to show me how and help me when I crashed. Now it’s just practice, practice, practice. Thanks again to Rick, Val and Dudley, the Chiweenie from Armstrong. I nearly forgot, I learned how to weave lovely “flying birds” from palm fronds – courtesy of Debbie Ulrey from northern Michigan.

I am terribly behind in processing and posting pics but the days fly and I am quite lazy these days. They will get done, they always do.

We happily have made arrangements to “swing by” Asheville to see Alex, Rachel and the boys and then, Lou and Carolyn at Hungry Mother SP in Virginia. So it will be a slow trip home but that’s the best kind. Maybe I will spend time on the photos ———– maybe. So it’s the great backtrack – Zihuatanejo – Patzcuaro – San Miguel – Matehuala – Monterey – Nuevo Laredo – Laredo – Austin – the Gulf Shore –  North Carolina – Virginia – Detroit – Windsor – Cambridge. The only regret, if there could be one, is missing the Natchez Trace and the Loveless Café near Nashville.

Pero, todas las cosas buenas deben llegar a su fin. Y verdad, Octubre viene rápidamente. Hasta el próximo año! Vive Zihuatanejo Lindo!

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