February 14

Bobby and Alfred left today – it’s been very quiet without them here but we had a wonderful time – fun filled, busy, yet relaxing.

Having them here opened up a few places for us – places we had intended to visit but had never got around to: Isla Ixtapa and Playa Larga to name two. Both little gems to which we definitely will return.

They thoroughly enjoyed Noe’s Arc, El Manglar, Zihuat, and environs.

Our new neighbours here are selling a bunch of stuff because they are going back to Australia. Dale hummed and hahhhhhed over their nice inflatable kayak. So Belinda and he went out in it and still he couldn’t decide. So I said, “Mi Amor, Happy Valentines Day”. He now has a kayak. We have named it “The Minnow”. We will go on our maiden voyage tomorrow.

Rick, the kite maestro, here on Playa la Ropa, helped me find the Prism “entry level”  Snapshot 1.2. Bobby brought it from Austin and I had my first lesson from Rick today. It quickly ended in me crashing it a few times on the beach and then on a palapa. Many chiefs and one Indian emerged suggesting this and that in order to free the kite from the palapa. Dale arrived, ladder in hand. A woman offered her walking stick, Petra pulled out a beach pole and Dale looked like Edward Scissorhands up on the ladder picking away until the kite emerged unscathed. I tidied up and retired to watch Rick fly his kite in that effortless way all professionals behave. But I will perservere. We are going out to Playa Larga on Wednesday for another lesson – less obstacles, fewer people and apparently better wind. I will become a wind freak – maybe.

Full moon tonight – a beauty!

Hasta Luego, Barb

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4 Responses to February 14

  1. Rachel says:

    Oh so many great adventures in one post!

  2. Alfred Mojica says:

    It was a blast! Thank you both for being such great hosts and sharing with us your slice of paradise. It was a memorable and fun-filled week.


  3. Para nosotros, tambien!

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