February 9, 2014

It’s been a while, (Thanks Lou and Carolyn for the nudge.) but it’s like Groundhog Day here – from weather to routines, one really has to make anything happen. Let’s see, I’ll describe the RV park. Forgive me if you are thinking “Again?” It’s basically a parking lot behind a very nice beach restaurant, called El Manglar (The Mangrove) and is known for its great, reasonably priced, consistently delicious food, and impeccable service. The park is owned and run by the Argenta family. Memo is in charge of the restaurant and Mundi of the RV Park. There are two waiters: Martin, who has been here forever, and Gustav who has replaced Juan. Nino is the cook. It sits beside a small lagoon and is connected to the beach by a little walking bridge. The lagoon, lined by mangrove trees, is home to, at least 3 crocs, many birds and iguanas of various colours and sizes. It’s beautiful.

There are approximately 9 spaces. We are in #7 – close to the lagoon where we can hang a hammock between trees. From time to time, the sea breezes reach the park but for the most part, it’s quite hot. For me, AC is a must. The mornings, evenings, and nights are lovely cool but the heat of the day is, well, HOT and HUMID. There always seems to be a gorgeous breeze in the open air restaurant and we are welcome to sit there, with no pressure to eat/drink but … it’s nice to get out of the heat in your own RV for that afternoon siesta. Without AC, I find the heat impossibly brutal. We don’t use it at night and the AC is on and off during the day – really just to take the edge off things.

The people in the park are from hither and yon. At this time: Quebec, Ontario, BC and Michigan are represented. It’s a nice group. Most of us are seasonal visitors who come back every year. The park is quiet.

The beach is nice – the water is quite clean – at one time an emerald gem, but that’s history. There still are secluded beaches close by which harken to “the good old days” and are accessible only by boat. But that’s a fun thing to do too. Here at La Ropa, there are recreation offerings galore: parasailing, kayaking, paddle boarding, sailing, banana boating, water skiing, fly boarding, swimming, sunbathing, eating, and drinking.

Getting into, out of, or around Zihuatanejo is easy – with or without a personal vehicle. You can get anywhere – by combi (mini-bus), taxi, bus, collectivo, (pickup truck) – or a combination – as there is rarely a “direct flight”. Even a trip to the grocery store can be an adventure. The combi stop is very close to the park and the taxis hang out there too, so it’s just a short walk to grab the bus. Last night we popped into town for supper and took a taxi home because the Combis stop at 6:30.(I know that now) A person backed up from his parking spot and dinged the taxi driver. There was a lot of honking of horns and flailing of arms but within seconds, the traffic cop was on the scene and things were being sorted out in a very civilized way.  Another taxi was there asking us to come with him. Mexico is so NOT what the rumors tell us. Here’s another example – when you try to talk Spanish and, for me, undoubtedly bugger it up, your mistakes are pointed out, but in such a straight polite way that you never make the same mistake again. And I marvel at their patience. Example – when we got in the second taxi last night, I thought I had asked when the last combi went to Playa La Ropa from downtown. What I had said was cambio not combi. Cambio is change. When does the last change go to Playa La Ropa from downtown? WTF! He just nicely said – I think you mean Combi. It’s like this over and over and over. I have so many examples.

This year, we have three visitors: daughter Robin, brother Bobby and friend Alfred, brother Jeff and sister in law Julie. Robin came to Mexico City and we met up there.

Bobby actually arrives today in Z at 1:00ish. He’s staying at Noe’s, of Noe’s Arc, in “Robin’s room”. We’ll take the combi (not cambio) out to the airport to meet him. I have a rental car reserved but the price is WAY too good to be true, so, since the rental office is at the airport, I will wait and see what the $urpri$e$ are. My guess is that third party insurance is not accepted and that will be the killer. But – wait and see. I figured a car would add some flexibility. There are a couple of places I want to show him that are tricky to get to, impossible after 6:30, with public transit. I hope it works out.

Noe of the Arc is a very nice guy. He gave me a key for Bobby’s room yesterday and his gardener, Abdulio, helped me hang a hammock on the veranda. (It’s an efficiency room – bedroom, kitchenette, veranda/dining/sitting area) Then I noticed that the fridge was quite frosty. Linda, another staff, and I defrosted it. So, the hammock is hung, and the celebratory champagne is cooling. I’m looking forward. I love the veranda with the hammock and sea breeze, all with a view of the jungle. We’re planning dinner at El Manglar but we’ll leave the choice to them.

Jeff and Julie come in March, when we are wrapping up here. They stay at the gorgeous Intrawest. Fortunately there will be a couple of days overlap. Better than nothing.

It’s nice to go into town at night as that is when everybody is out and about and the downtown is hopping. Just walking around is fun, but finding good music in a good bar is really fun. The frozen margaritas are delicious and cheap BUT, as I found out the hard way, one has to pace oneself when drinking them. After all, they are tequila based and as always, with tequila, you are fine, fine, fine, and then you aren’t. I’m way too old for that nonsense.

So, I see the sun is up, I have to go and change the nectar in the hummingbird feeder, make coffee, check on Bobby’s fridge and get ready for another Groundhog Day. As we say in the park, “another day in Paradise”.

Hasta luego


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2 Responses to February 9, 2014

  1. Rachel says:

    It all sounds lovely! That is so nice you will see your family a bit. I can not wait until I see it all in person, some day! When will we see you over this way?

  2. daleandbarb says:

    Rachel – I will do whatever it takes to get you and yours here. You would fit easily into “Robin’s Room”. We are committed to meeting up with Lou and Carolyn on our way home and that, of course, brings us over to your area but not sure at this time. Maybe meeting up somewhere a little west of you in a nice state park? Let’s see what L and C decide and see where that puts us. It’s challenging to coordinate these things but I know we can do it. Love to all.

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