A Dream Come True

We are back from DF and Expedia asked for a review of hotel/experience. I usually ignore these lengthy responses, but this time I felt compelled because the whole deal was so incredible. Since it took me significant time and attention to fulfill the requirements of the feedback, I have decided to use it as a blog entry. Forgive me. I’m lazy.

In short – we met Robin and her friend Christian in Mexico City and had a wonderful time. All I can say is WE WILL RETURN.

Here is more info via the review:

Write about your experience. (Optional)1500 characters 

We come to Mexico for the winter every year and this time we made the effort to take a side trip to DF from Zihuatanejo and meet our daughter there. It was everything I thought and more. A world class city – to be sure – with the history of civilizations to be explored and investigated. Even in a few days – you can fill a glass of experience to overflowing. DF is an historian’s, tourist’s, shopper’s, epicurean’s, photographer’s, art aficionado’s paradise. The friendly, helpful, gracious staff at the Gran – from the reception desk, to housekeeping and the terrace restaurant – made our stay easy and comfortable. We felt completely at ease to ask anything of anyone and if they could not help, they directed us to the person who could. Sorry to leave, but without a doubt, we will henceforth make the effort to return every year to continue the exploration. DF is a dream city and by staying at the Gran Hotel, our dream visit came true.


What did you like about this hotel?150 characters 

Superb foyer; easy registration, real concierge, welcome wine, antique elevator; gorgeous room and bath; Terrace Restaurant’s Zócalo view & Tequila shots; gracious staff.


What, if anything, could be improved?150 characters

I would only suggest that the Terrace restaurant/bar makes the sparkling wine available at times other than breakfast.


Tell us about the location and things to do near by 150 characters

Templo Mayor, Palacio Nacional, Rivera’s Murals, Cathedral, Turibus Tour, Frida’s and Trotsky’s House, Belles Artes, House of Tiles, Museums of Anth & Mod Art.

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