Monday January 6 2014

My how the time flies!  Another year – another whateverrrrrrrrrrrr. Things are certainly much quieter here as the bulk of tourists have gone. Children back at school etc. Business seemed to boom for the beach vendors, restaurants, hotels, and tour buses – to be sure, a fair chunk of revenue for everyone.

There is a couple camping here at El Manglar in a Westphalia much like our Vana – no I am not nostalgic AT ALL. We had a good run with it and that’s that.

Another sunset last night – hard to miss them here.  A family playing in the surf leant the scene a cheerful touch. Simple things can turn a landscape into a story – part of what I like about photography.

The wildlife here continues to inspire. The iguanas are huge and very colourful.

Lista, Barb

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2 Responses to Monday January 6 2014

  1. Alfred says:

    What great photo with the man and child in the water at sunset. Great colors! Counting down the days. 🙂 Lord knows I need a break. Work is just beating me up right now.


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