December 30 – Zihuatanejo

Tomorrow would be my mother’s 87 birthday. Happy birthday mom. Things are quiet here – fewer tour buses etc. I guess everyone has to go back to work/school like everywhere.

We were in the grocery store here and it was exactly like home before a big holiday. Long line ups with grocery carts loaded for a major catastrophe.

This morning at breakfast – outside under our very nice awning, I saw a flash of brown/grey fly by my ear and go “plop” on the back of the chair beside me.

It  sat perfectly still for quite a while giving me ample time to set up and practice macro shots. A sweet little frog. He had little suctions on his tiny feet which makes me think of a tree frog. There is a grey tree frog but this is somewhat out of its range so maybe not.

It was a pleasant surprise nonetheless. We are going to El Manglar for dinner tomorrow night ( New Year’s Eve).  Looking forward.



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2 Responses to December 30 – Zihuatanejo

  1. Alfred Mojica says:

    Wishing you both another Happy New Year!

  2. daleandbarb says:

    A ti también Alfredo!

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