December 25 – Zihuatanejo

 Is there anything harder than talking to your kids who are far away and then having to hang up? No, there isn’t. Actually we all know there is far worse. But at least we talk. IT pro Ralph perservered in getting us all together via Skype. Everyone is fine and doing something, going somewhere today. Us? We are heading for the beach to open my new umbrella and Dale to float on his new boogie board. The ocean is very flat today – lovely but flat so there won’t be much boogying. (Is that a word?) 

We went for an early walk on the beach, then breakfast upstairs at Rossy’s, then  a very large crocodile visited in the restaurant area of our RV park – causing considerable drama. Weather is hot and humid – like every other day here. 

The beach was crazy busy today.  I’ve never seen it buzzing with life like this. Very nice. Apparently we will again have it to ourselves tomorrow. There’s no rush. 

It’s Veggie Chile with guacamole, media crema, tostados, and beer for dinner.




Barb and Dale

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2 Responses to December 25 – Zihuatanejo

  1. Alfred Mojica says:

    Merry Christmas! Looks like you had a great day…and that breakfast looked very yummy! I can’t wait to try that place out.

  2. daleandbarb says:

    Rossy’s awaits you.

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