December 18 – Zihuatanejo

We arrived here right on schedule on December 15. Deiter and Anna from BC, another seasonal visiting couple, arrived about an hour after us. Seemed funny. There are other familiar faces, some missing, some new. Krista and Siegfried from BC are due today or tomorrow.

Both Juan and Martin (waiters at the restaurant) are expecting babies. Actually, Martin’s has arrived – another girl. Now he has 2 daughters – Esmerelda (Emerald) and now, Rubí (Ruby):  The Family Jewels.  Juan’s son (they know it’s a boy) is due any minute, so we are all waiting impatiently. He wasn’t at work yesterday and we thought …………….. but Memo from the Restaurant said Juan took his wife to the hospital for medical reasons – so we don’t know what to think.

The hurricane that came through here has left its mark. The lagoon beside the restaurant is now a permanent river that empties into the ocean. And there is now a fence across the lagoon – to deter (I am sure prevent is too optimistic) the crocs from hanging out on the beach.

Bird life seems as prolific as in the past. The menu at El Manglar still features my favourite offerings and is as delicious as ever. Frozen Margaritas are still wonderful. Some buses have been replaced with rather new looking vans. One wonders how some of the old buses continue to run…but they do. Why buy new what you can repair? – an admirable trait. One of the many many charms of Mexico.

Robin is coming in January – just to Mexico City (DF) and it was suggested that we meet up for a couple of days. So we have the same hotel booked now and we are looking into bus schedules from Z. –  A fun adventure. – I am browsing the Lonely Planet trying to see what one can see/do in 1-2 days. We will have to do some serious prioritizing. Diego Rivera murals are a must as is the Archeology Museum. Other than a stroll around the Zocalo, that probably will be it – for this time. We know we NEVER would attempt driving there so a bus up and a short hotel stay is great – actually the only way.  We can leave the RV here and go – perfect.

Hasta luego – Barb

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