December 12 – Troncones

Today was a very good day. Last night at 10:30 we went out with Roberto of Roberto’s Bistro on one of those 4 wheelers to look for Turtle Nests. The telltale signs would be the tracks of the mother. We found one and made note. They do a number of rounds through the night as this is when the adult females come to shore to lay eggs in the sand and then go back to the ocean.

According to Carlos, a waiter at the bistro, they found 5 nests over the whole night and collected around 50 eggs/nest. These were removed and taken to the sanctuary where they hatch in ~45 days and are released the day they hatch.

Hundreds of turtles (Gulfina) were released again tonight at sunset. We are going out again on Saturday morning for the 5:00 am round. No veo la hora.


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