December 11, 2013 – Troncones

Troncones is nice. It is not Zihuat, but one can’t compare. It is quiet – verrrrrrrry quiet but that’s the charm. And, the turtle raise and release program is a gem. We went down again for the last night’s release to watch the hundreds of little guys head for the surf. I mean to ask why they release at sunset. Do the turtles head for the light or the water? In the wild, do they usually hatch at sunset? Are we giving them an edge against predators? As the tub was tilted and the baby turtles started to scramble out, I thought of the expression “And they’re off – like a herd of turtles”. In this case – literally.

There is a nice restaurant on the beach just by the hatchery and across form the RV Park – Robertos’s Bistro. A bit pricey but the food is good and he makes excellent frozen Margaritas. The fajitas camaron are to die for. And the tortillas, which can be a bit blah, are so good, to hell with forks and knives, the tortillas were all I wanted to lap up all the savory bits on the plate. Memorable.

All for now ———- later


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2 Responses to December 11, 2013 – Troncones

  1. Rachel says:

    You life is a dream!

    • daleandbarb says:

      It feels like that sometimes but I do wish y’all could be here too. Tury would be ga ga over this turtle hatchery. It is so smalltime – just a local enterprise and like I said, reminds me so much of the Salmon Enhancement Program (a Public Initiative Program). Ours was up at Wilson Creek. The station was on someone’s farm through which the upper creek ran. It was so amazing. BC ran them for a few years in the 80s until the right winged crook and Premier Bill Vanderzam (sp) took over. Of course, anything public was just a joke and headed for the chopping block. Same old same old.

      I do miss you and yours.

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