December 9 – A Good Find

I am sitting in a lovely restaurant across from Troncones RV Park, just a few miles up the coast from Z. We don’t have Wifi in the park but are free to sit on the patio (the whole restaurant is a patio) and use their wifi. Hot, breezy, waves rolling in. Last night we celebrated our return to the Pacific with one to many Margaritas, salad and fajitas and at 6:00 they held a turtle release on the beach. We watched, coaxed and ensured that hundreds of little turtles made it into the surf. One can only guess at their prospects for longevity – the odds are stacked against them – but at least their first baby steps were ensured. It’s the least we can do. The hatchery is a very interesting installation right here on the beach. Eggs are safely buried in clusters, all dated for hatching time – the next batch due to emerge tomorrow night and the trek to the surf continues. I was reminded of the Salmon Enhancement program of the 1980s in BC.

This spot is very low key, quiet, peaceful, and gorgeous. Yes – HOT and very humid (these are the tropics) – but with AC this year, at least there are options. We had heard about the area but knew nothing of any facilities. A little research revealed this little park – just 5 spots but very sweet. A good find.

All for now. I will be better prepared tomorrow night to cover the release – ie, I will take the camera. 🙂

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