December 5

Hi to all,

I have just read that Nelson Mandela died – the passing of an icon. Perhaps I will remember because yesterday was our anniversary – yes 40 years of marital bliss – or something like that. We celebrated here by taking the boat across Lake Patzcuaro to Isla Janitzio – the island with the ~100 foot statue of Morelos – a key figure in the War of Independence. There is a large open book in front of the statue on which is a text regarding human rights and the rights of nations to exist free from interference by other forces – colonial or otherwise is written. Read more here  Listen To Janitzio written by Mexican composer  Silvestre Revueltas

The lake is terribly overgrown with a type of water lily. In fact, I was surprised that boats could navigate through the mass of foliage and into open water. It seemed to be a job to rake it in along the shore and pile it into a snaking mounds that would eventually decompose and transform into useful compost but this seemed like an insurmountable task. We also saw boats equipped with a sort of mower – maybe capable of performing the task of 10+ workers.

We landed on the island and then proceeded to walk up the winding stairs to the summit of the island where the statue of Jose Maria Morelos stands. This is the same hero after whom Puerto Morelos is named. The stairs/trail is lined with shops and restaurants – as you would expect- and we settled on lunch under the shadow of Morelos. I have read that this area has a climate referred to as perpetual spring. It certainly felt like that yesterday – sunny warm with a cool breeze – absolute heaven.

We returned to Patz and we bought a tea set designed by Javier Servin – very unique and beautiful. It will be a nice reminder of this milestone. We had coffee at the Browncita – our favourite café on the Plaza Vasco de Quiroga. We came home and made tea. Great day.

I post a smattering of shots taken yesterday around and on the Isla.

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