December 2

We left San Miguel yesterday and arrived without incident in Patzcuaro in Michoacán. And – I can say that we drove directly here without getting lost in Morelia. A first and a relief, for sure. This is the last stop before the coast and the beach. Villa Patzcuaro is the closest we come to camping – maybe along with Jose’s in Puerto Arista – but we aren’t going that far south this year.

I spent some time checking out all the flowers the owner has on her property. There are many. I successfully have identified them………… I think.

I also want to mention the ornate windows I noticed in the walls of the motel that is on the property. The building is made of adobe bricks, stucco and painted. These decorative windows look like a hole was left in the wall, then a decorative concrete insert was placed from the outside and cemented in the hole. There is screen on the back of the insert and it looks like a wooden shutter is built on the inside of the window in the room. They really are gorgeous. I include three examples. Genius really and a great idea for the cottage up north – if a suitable variation could be created.

I will explore further tomorrow.

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