Last Days in San Miguel

Todas las cosas buenas deben llegar as su fin. How true it is. We left Canada early this year thinking to give ourselves extra time in San Miguel, and everywhere for that matter, and it was a good idea. No rushing or regrets – just lots of time to do whatever.

I want to say a little about the Sanctuary of Atotonilco – dubbed the Sistine Chapel of Mexico. A Unesco World Heritage Site, it has to be seen to be believed. The paintings on the ceiling of the nave are incredible and the side chapel is stunning. The statues are terribly graphic – nothing new in Mexico – but always a little disconcerting. Read more here –

We’ve seen 3 or 4 plays, movies, dinners, lunches, breakfasts, and walking walking walking. The cobblestone streets and sidewalks are not for the faint of heart nor are some of the steep climbs – but you get used to it and consider it exercise – to say nothing of the interesting shops you catch along the way. Today, for example we were on our way UP and I mean UP to find a house which had been designed by Alfred Mojica, an architect friend of my brother. He had given us an address with some description of the general environs and we wanted to find it and take some pics. Well, I think we found it but it was, at this point, in a state of disrepair and for sale. But he will see it as it is. A little boy sitting out on the step said his friend lived there. There was a cat walking around who looked exactly like our Belle. I tried to explain this to the boy who gave me another word. This cat is Belle’s Egualito. Egualito – I like that. Probably means match or something. While walking home from Arroyo Atescadero (BTW there were many variations of Calle  Atescadero which resulted in walking and walking – always on the f’ing cobblestone until we found the right Calle – thanks to a delivery guy who helped us or we would still be wandering around up there) On our way home, we were approached by a promoter of two restaurants. One served Yucateca food in a 400 year old house with beautiful garden etc etc. We were supplied with a coupon for a free drink. So – what the heck, we were thirsty anyway. So we searched it out and it was one of those classic – non descript doorways through which you pass, only to find yourself in another world. The tables were set all around the perimeter of the open to the sky garden full of fruit trees (lemon, guava, to name only 2), flowers, hummingbirds and on and on. Lunch was memorable and the free drink was an ice cold anise flavoured Mescal. During lunch this sweet little Indian man walked through selling rebosos (shawl/scarf) Beautiful off-white cotton. Gorgeous weave. $12. Now I have a charcoal/black one, but again, what the heck, a white one is useful too.

So, Sunday it is goodbye to SMA and on to Patzcuaro for 2 weeks and then to Zihuat for the rest of the winter at which time we retrace our way home.

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2 Responses to Last Days in San Miguel

  1. Betty says:

    Barb, Thank you for your blog and pictures. I have never heard of the Sistine Chapel of Mexico. I did read a magazine article about San Miguel this week. I didn’t know it was a Unesco World Heritage Site before reading the article. Now I understand why you want to spend time there!

  2. Alfred Mojica says:

    Very beautiful photos of the church. How could I have missed this on my travels there years ago? Oh well, I guess I’ll have to journey to San Miguel again someday…not that I would mind. 😉 Thanks for taking the time to look for the house. I appreciate your efforts. Joseph Harmes and his wife Jackie, the previous owners were able to find some additional photos afterall. He’s a writer living in west Texas now. Perhaps he will need a photographer to do a book cover in the near future??? I think I need to introduce you two at some point! Happy travels.


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