November 18

Today was an ordinary day – which when you look at the photos shows the incredible things you can see on an ordinary day. I had a nice lunch meeting with Gaby Perez of the Rural Education Institute of Mexico and we managed to set up a subscription to a good resource and then ate lunch – always the best part of a meeting – at least in my experience. After lunch, Dale and I ventured to the Mercado de Artesanias to buy glasses and there we saw a couple in the most incredible costume posing for donations. Their make-up was a work of art. Now El Dia de Muertos is long over but Catrina is a mainstay. She is everywhere represented in every art medium in existence. Please take time to examine the make up applied to this couple. Hollywood ready – for sure. This was one time when knowing and vetting the recipient of the donation was not important. The recipient was me.

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1 Response to November 18

  1. Alfred says:

    I really, really love the photo of the couple. Amazing! I’d like to buy that photo…blown up. Like 18×24. Cuanto vale??? Have you taken a side trip to Guanajuato? That town is amazing.


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