November 9

We visited El Charco del Ingenio yesterday – the botanical gardens near San Miguel. We took a taxi – rather decadent for us – and the driver suggested he return at the given time, which he did. The return trip cost 110 pesos ~ $10 for two. Much like a bus at home. Enough cost talk.

El Charco was lovely, as usual. It was sunny and hot but very fresh there because of the elevation. I am now off to Camino Silvestre (shop specializing in nature paraphernalia)  for a hummingbird feeder and a guide book to birds of Mexico (I stupidly forgot mine at home). So if anyone wants a hummingbird feeder as they appear in the slideshow – just say the word. They are rather unique.

Read more about El Charco del Ingenio here

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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One Response to November 9

  1. Rachel says:

    It all sounds wonderful! Are you staying long enough to set up your feeder? I will say yes to the feeder. Just let me know how much. I was just thinking about getting one of the glass ball one s here. I have never seen the one like the photo.

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