El Dia de Muertos – November 2

I think I can say the last two days might remain the highlight of the trip. The ofrendas around town on Nov. 1 were lovely and creative but the day of visitation to the cemetery on November 2 was truly amazing. The cemetery near our place was packed with people. The way into the cemetery was lined with vendors selling food, flowers, candles, incense, to say nothing of the services rendered: carrying personal items destined for the family plot, water for flowers. It looked like a good day for the young entrepreneur. The colours were bright and cheerful, there were solo musicians as well as full mariachi bands. Some graves were attended by many family members, others by a lone spouse clearly bereft. One young woman was giving her mother’s grave a fresh coat of paint, other relatives covered the grave with flowers, having brought in fresh soil for new plantings. But the overall feeling was subdued festive. Families picnicked, sang, and wept. But it was a community event. It was impressive and touching. See the slideshow below.

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  1. Rachel says:

    I miss Mexico!

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