El Dia de Muertos – November 1

Today is Dia de Muertos here in Mexico. Read more here  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Day_of_the_Dead – a rather sweet tradition. Families remember their deceased family members by constructing ofrendas or altars/shrines. The marigold flower fits prominently into the decoration, a photo of the deceased and items that s/he enjoyed (food, drink, smoke, personal items, etc) candles, insense.  Degree of elaboration ranges from simple “shoebox” types done as school projects to altars filling an entire room of a house. It is well-worth walking around to see the street ofrendas and children dressed as Catrinas. Not all states celebrate in the same way or to the same extent. I was told that the day is more elaborate in the state of Michoacán than here in Guanajuato. Apparently tomorrow, November 2, is the day to visit cemeteries/gravesites. From what I can gather, the celebration is rather like expecting your ancestors to come for a one day annual visit. Rather comforting, if you think about it. I made a very modest ofrenda for my mother – orange roses, an apple and a jar of jam.

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3 Responses to El Dia de Muertos – November 1

  1. Rachel says:

    Beautiful! When I worked at the school in Santa Catarina we had a big one and everyone brought something. There is something about putting a mirror so that the spirit can see itself. I also remember a Selina album! I love that you put a jar of jam on your mothers, that is fitting. When I think of her, I think of canning as well. Knitting too…. and delicious potatoes.

  2. Alfred Mojica says:

    I really loved these photos. The ofrenda you made for your mother was very nice. I’m sure she was touched. I ended celebrating Dia de Los Muertos here in Austin at the Mexican Cultural Institute. It was quite a celebration! Ofrendas, dancing Catrinas, mariachis with skull painted faces, and more. I’ll email some pics…even though I’m nowhere near as good as a photographer as you. So glad you made it down there in time to see this special day.

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