October 29 – San Miguel Allende

Hola  a Todos,

How many times will I say “We Made It”? Well – “We made it!” SMA is NOT conducive to driving around with an RV. It was fine with Vana but not Jorge. The narrow steep cobblestone streets present hazardous challenges. Getting into the park was a feat. Dale as driver, Hans and I acting as traffic controllers, and Jorge obeying orders – we eventually navigated the twists and turns in reverse into the park. Jorge did overheat and we had to wait at the bottom one hill. True to Mexico – a driver (total stranger) came by – saw the RV and deduced that we were trying to get into Weber’s. He offered us a place to stay – if we needed more space. The brochure showed that his place looks lovely but it is outside of town and although that would be nice, here at Weber’s we can walk anywhere. So we persisted and we are now sitting back with a G&T. Some new and familiar faces here. Hans and Maria look the same. Monika and Magda are here in an apartment somewhere. Jerry and Ann have hired a driver to bring them from Santa Fe this year. They are our VERY senior neighbours who are an inspiration. They show us that we have MANY more years ahead of us. I will look up George and Joyce Carlson.

Looks like we made it for El Dia de los Muertos , with time to spare. I hope Maria can instruct me how effectively to honour our ancestors.

We are here for at least two weeks, then heading for Zihuat for December 15.

Hasta Pronto


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