October 28

We made it to Matehuala – about 7 hours into Mexico. We are comfortably ensconced behind the Motel Las Palmas. There are two other groups of travellers – both from BC. By Matehuala standards – a crowd.   The border/customs people were picky picky this time at the Columbia crossing. New Xray machines — very large ones that move over the vehicles are in place. Passengers and pets leave to stand behind protective walls. This was after a dog and police search. Then there was a final search after the xray and another search at the 50 km point – the second border. I think they are looking for gun smugglers. But, on a positive note, because we are driving a “motor home” we get a 10 year vehicle permit and no deposit required. While on the topic of guns – at the NRA rally at the Austin Capitol, to which I referred in a previous post – I saw two interesting items – a T-shirt that read “The Second Ammendment IS my Gun Permit and better – a bumper sticker – “Pro Life – Pro God – Pro Guns”.  Pro Irony?

Today’s hike around Monterrey was a polluted as ever. Really unbelievable. So tomorrow San Miguel. I hope there is room for us. Oh – Alfred – Bob’s Austin buddy helped me with the RV’s official name. Drum  roll…………. Su Majestad El Príncipe Jorge Alejandro Luis de Cambridge Ontario. Olé!

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1 Response to October 28

  1. Alfred says:

    LOL! You should have told the customs people,”How dare you inspect us! Do you not recognize us and our motor home? This is Su Majestad, El Principe Jorge Alejandro Luis de Cambridge Ontario! We are here on misiones diplomaticos con el Presidente de Mexico! Ole!” haha. They probably would have paid YOU a mordida for that colorful introduction. 😉 Good to see you two. San Miguel and Guanajuato should be very colorful for Dia de los Muertos. Happy travels!

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