October 22, 2013

We have been without internet for days (sorry to keep whining but it’s a piss off) and I need to post and Skype Bobby to give him a heads up. So annoying. We are at Sam Houston Jones SP in Louisiana. It used to have WiFi and I see that the router thingy is still in place. The computer and Ipad are searching but there is no connection. So I will have to wait until tomorrow and watch for a Starbucks or something.

This park is showing signs of serious neglect. The shower area is very bad – mold everywhere. I have a high tolerance for dodgy showers – as long as I have flip flops and avoid touching things – but using this one is totally out of the question. Jorge is turning out to be more than backup.

We will be in Austin tomorrow and I look forward to a nice visit with Bobby and the gang – Alfred, Philip and maybe DJ. Must hit Half Price Books, maybe Chuy’s and the New Deli too. Ah Austin – as nice as Ashville. I wonder how Mayor Ford enjoyed this progressive, left-wing Texas town?

By the time I update the blog, this stuff will all be old news but what’s to be done? There was a nice sunset on the bayou tonight.

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1 Response to October 22, 2013

  1. Rachel says:

    I love your life!

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