October 19 – 21

I am sitting in Jorge in the Natchez Trace State Park in Natchez Mississippi. No internet – there hasn’t been any since we crossed into the States. You would think otherwise – this being the most powerful nation on earth and all.

We crossed into the US @ Windsor/Detroit. We spent the night before at my father’s place in Windsor. I think he liked the new RV. After dropping off some pickled beets and a good night’s sleep we headed out. Crossing the border was quick and easy – it was on to Cincinnati from Detroit via the I75. This is a well travelled route that we know well. I always look forward to crossing the Ohio River – something about a terminal moraine, Harriet Tubman, the north star and the big dipper. Yadayadayada.

We stayed the first night at General Butler State Park in Tennessee. What a hoot! We managed to get one of the last sites as the park was full with participants in the annual Halloween Festival. Campers come from far and wide to decorate their sites (and I mean decorate) all befitting well planned Halloween gore. In fact, some sites are more like art instillations than decorations. If you were into low light photography – it was a dream. It was a very calm night so long exposures worked very well. I was happy with how my camera performed. See the slide show. My favoutite was a skeleton in a coffin who farted when you approached to view.

Unfortunately, it was Sunday morning when we reached the Loveless Café in Nashville at the northern terminus of the Natchez Trace and it was absolutely plugged. The waiting time for breakfast was 1 hour 40 min. We decided to continue on and leave the Café for our way back in March. So we stopped along the beginning of the Trace, fired up the generator and had a lovely omelet, toast and coffee.

The Natchez Trace (a roadway and National Park) is 444 miles long (you do the math) and has three free campgrounds. Of course, they are unserviced sites but very beautiful. We stayed at two: Meriwether Lewis – of Lewis and Clark – (the site of his murder/suicide, monument, and grave) and Jeff Busby. We were going to stay at the third – Rocky Springs – but we decided just to have lunch there and head onto the southern terminus of the Trace at Natchez Trace State Park. We NEVER tire of the drive along the Trace – a must do for any of you who like driving. It is a gem. Most staff were just back from “furlough” and said there had been some vandalism as the road remained open but not the facilities – washrooms etc. You can imagine.

Jorge is behaving well. I often think of our tenting days and then of the years with Vana and now Jorge. It is very comfortable: room to move around, ample storage, a good bed, nice fridge and FREEZER, AC, a stove, hot water and bathroom with shower. So cute. Dale has fixed all the minor leaks. (sky light, hot water heater, hose) Nothing major. Jorge is a gas guzzler but that should not surprise.

Tomorrow we plan on reaching Sam Houston Jones State Park in Louisiana. Last year the park had WiFi. I live in hope. I should be able to update our blog and upload some pics. Sam Houston is the place, where in 2009, I think, I took a photo of the bayou and the author of “The Butcher of the Bayou” – Tallulah Grace – used it for the cover of her book. I will post the link to the pic and the book.


That was fun. Of course it did not pay – as usual the offer was “she wouldn’t charge me anything” Somewhat confusing but, whatever. She said I could have a free book (ebook), but that didn’t happen either and I wanted to read it so bought the Kindle version. It’s pretty good as a crime thriller. She writes well.

After Sam Houston, it’s on to Texas. We have to swing by Houston for a new sky light as Dale doubts his repair job will last, and a surge protector – protection against dodgy electrical grids – notorious in Mexico.

So must go. Dale said he heard an owl. I am curious.


Barb – 8:30 PM Monday October 21.

PS – Great full moon, eh?

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1 Response to October 19 – 21

  1. Rachel says:

    The majestic is quite the upgrade. Vana was lovely and fun but for the amount of time that you spend traveling, you deserve a living room.

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